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A/MORS 刀具裝置-肉蛋水產

A/MORS 肉嫩度測定裝置
此刀具為寬10mm 小刀,刀片鋒利且可更換,適用於測試形狀不規則且不均一的樣品,可測試禽肉及其加工製品或不易製備標準形狀樣品的嫩度(Tenderness)、咀嚼性(Chewiness)等指標,可用於評估樣品由外到內不同層次的質地特性。

Tests using the MORS blade are conducted on whole intact fillets which minimises the experimental errors attributable to sample preparations, shortens sample preparation time and leads to a simpler testing solution.
Measured forces are also substantially lower than those produced with a Kramer Shear test, thereby allowing testing on a TA.XTplus Texture Analyser.

A/MORS 刀具裝置-肉蛋水產
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