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HDP/KS5 Kremer剪切測試室-肉蛋水產

HDP/KS5 Kremer剪切刀具
此裝置為5 片式切刀,且可依樣品量自由拆卸刀片,適用於規則或不規則形狀樣品,主要觀察樣品總體擠壓(Extrusion)、剪切(Shearing)過程變化,如肉丁、重組肉塊、膨發性玉米脆片、醃漬醬菜、果蔬、穀類食品等。

Two versions of the Kramer Shear Cell are available. The 10 bladed HDP/KS10 must be used with a 50Kg loadcell or greater. The 5 bladed HDP/KS5 can be used with a 25Kg or 30Kg loadcell for soft products but a 50Kg loadcell or greater is recommended.
The blade head may be used on its own for the testing of self-supporting samples.

HDP/KS5 Kremer剪切測試室-肉蛋水產
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