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P/0.5 & XT/BL & HDP/BJB 凝膠強度標準測試系統-凝膠薄膜

P/0.5 & XT/BL & HDP/BJB 凝膠強度標準測試系統
# ISO 9665 # GMIA # 符合TAF認證實驗室

根據ISO/ GMIA /GME 國際標準方法及GB 6783 標準方法,使用此套附件進行標準凝膠強度測試(Bloom Value)。適合測試膠體相關製品的濃度、加工處理方法及對凝膠強度(Gel Strength) 的影響。

The Bloom jar is the International Standard (ISO 9665) jar for Gelatine testing. It has an internal diameter of 59mm and a capacity of approximately 155ml. A Bloom jar centralizing base, which fits in the Heavy Duty Platform, is available for quick centralisation when testing
multiple samples.


P/0.5 & XT/BL & HDP/BJB 凝膠強度標準測試系統-凝膠薄膜
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