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P/0.5 & XT/BL & HDP/BJB 凝膠強度標準測試系統-老齡食品

P/0.5 & XT/BL & HDP/BJB 凝膠強度標準測試系統
根據ISO/ GMIA 國際標準方法及GB 6783標準方法, 使用裝置進行凝膠強度測試(Gelatine Testing、Bloom Test)。適合測試明膠及卡拉膠相關製品,如果膠濃度、加工方法及對凝膠特性的影響。

The measurement of gel strength is of widespread interest in the manufacture of pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic products. Gel properties such as elasticity and rupture force of, for example, gelatine, agar etc. are important in the development of such products.
Standard probes such as that required for gelatine testing (ISO or AOAC), as shown above, are available for the assessment of Bloom strength or rupture characteristics of gels.

P/0.5 & XT/BL & HDP/BJB 凝膠強度標準測試系統-老齡食品
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