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TS-01-EXP 氣動開口包裝測試夾具帶探頭組件

TS-01-EXP 12英吋氣動開口包裝測試夾具帶探頭組件
測試使用軟性可剝離包裝材料三邊密封包裝袋:使用此兩款TME開口包裝測試夾具,配合BT-Intergra智能包材測試儀(爆破測試儀)。12英吋的開口包裝夾具提供一個氣動夾鉗,能在密封強度膨脹測試過程中,密封軟包裝的開口端,符合ASTM F1140標準。

The TS-01-EXP can be used for non-porous welded pouches up to 30 psi. The 12-inch open package fixture provides a pneumatically driven clamp that will seal the open end of a flexible package during the inflation testing for package seal strength in accordance with ASTM F-1140.

TS-01-EXP 氣動開口包裝測試夾具帶探頭組件
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