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A/90PR 90度剝離力測試裝置

A/90PR 90度剝離力測試裝置
# ASTM D3330 # FTM 2 # PSTC 101 # 符合TAF認證實驗室

符合國際ASTM D3330 標準方法。可評估不同產品或膠黏劑配方的黏度特性 (Adhesiveness)與剝離強度(Peel Force)。

180° Peel Test Rig A/90PR
Using this device a 90 degree peel angle is maintained by the use of a cord and pulley system. A strip of tape is applied to the testbed or other standard surface of interest (according to customer specifications). The tape is peeled from the panel at a 90º angle at a specified rate, during which time the force required to effect peel is measured.


A/90PR 90度剝離力測試裝置
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