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A/AB 180度剝離力測試裝置

A/AB 180度剝離力測試裝置
# ASTM D3330 # FTM 2 # PSTC 101 # 符合TAF認證實驗室

符合國際ASTM D3330標準方法。測試感壓膠的剝離力(Peel Force)。此裝置的上下夾具亦可測試包裝材料、塑膠和鋁箔的拉伸強度(Tensile Strength)、楊氏模量(Young's modulus)等指標。

180° Peel Test Rig A/AB
This test can determine the comparative peeling or stripping characteristics of adhesive bonds, essential for the application of adhesive bandages. Wound dressings and adhesive strips are required to have qualities such as 'low-tack', water- or moisture-resistance; not only is the selection of the strip material and surface important, but also the properties of the adhesive.


A/AB 180度剝離力測試裝置
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