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A/ATG 鉸接式拉伸夾具-包裝材料

A/ATG 拉伸裝置
該裝置能不受限角度更好地將薄膜材料夾住,從而為其在拉伸實驗中提供更大程度的靈活轉動,可測試肉品包裝的剝離特性(Peeling Characteristics)。

The Articulated Tensile Grips are lightweight grips which have been designed for the gripping of thin materials whilst providing a good degree of rotational flexibility during a tensile test. This allows for product distortion which may be necessary for unevenly adhered products like packaging and makes sample loading of difficult samples easier.

A/ATG 鉸接式拉伸夾具-包裝材料
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