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A/BE 反擠壓裝置-凝膠薄膜

A/BE 反擠壓裝置
該裝置由盤型活塞和容器組成。已有文獻指出此裝置測量之黏性與IDDSI 流動測試所得係數有極高的相關性。適用於軟凝膠一類的黏性物質,如加工處理過的果醬,可測量樣品的黏性(Stickiness)、內聚性(Cohesivness)與濃稠度(Consistency)。

This rig comprises of a sample container which is centrally located beneath a disc plunger. The disc plunger performs a compression test which extrudes the product up and around the edge of the disc.This test measures the consistency of viscous products such as yoghurt, creams and sauces as well as processed fruit and vegetables. Results relate to measurements of viscosity.

A/BE 反擠壓裝置-凝膠薄膜
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