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A/FR 摩擦測試裝置

A/FR 摩擦測試裝置
# ASTM D1894 # CNS 總號13119 類號P3121

直式摩擦測試裝置用來測量塑膠薄膜和包裝材料的靜態和動態摩擦係數(Static and Dynamic Coefficient)。測量材料滑動或物體在特定測試條件下的摩擦特性。將測試材料固定到滑板上。透過尺寸63.5×63.5mm,重量200±5g的滑塊進行摩擦測試,符合 ASTM D1894方法。

Friction Rig A/FR
This rig is used to determine the static and dynamic coefficient of friction for plastic film and packaging materials. It meets the requirements of ASTM D 1894-90. It can be used to determine the friction characteristics of material sliding over itself as a reference material or other substances under specified test conditions.


A/FR 摩擦測試裝置
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