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A/HFS 水平摩擦測試裝置

A /HFS 水平摩擦測試裝置
橫式測試裝置包含支撐夾和水平固定板,底座上安裝摩擦滑軌連接力臂可防止樣品滑動,位於滑軌中央的砝碼根據用途提供固定壓力,在往復循環過程中測定兩個方向的滑動摩擦。典型應用如 醫療、薄膜、刮鬍膏和潤膚劑及包裝材料的動摩擦(Dynamic friction)、靜摩擦(Static friction)及摩擦係數等指標。

Horizontal Friction System A/HFS
The friction rig comprises a support leg and levelling feet which are fixed to the Texture Analyser, so that the assembly can be laid in a horizontal position. A platform is fitted to the base on which a friction sled, which is attached to the loadcell, is constrained to slide over the sample. Additional load may be provided by adding weights positioned centrally on the sled. Typical applications include films, creams and packaging.

A/HFS 水平摩擦測試裝置
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