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A/LTS 環狀膠帶測試裝置

A/LTS 環狀膠帶測試裝置
# FTM 9 # PSTC-16 # 符合TAF認證實驗室

符合FINAT Method NO.9方法。可用於比較不同層材料的初黏性(Tack)及感壓膠材料的快速黏貼性(Quick-Stick)表示為以指定速度下分離環狀膠帶(最外面塗覆的黏合劑)與標準玻璃片所需的力。

Adhesive Loop Test System A/LTS
The test performs a loop tape method according to FINAT method no. 9. This allows the end user to compare the “initial grab” or“ application tack” of different laminates and can be extremely useful to those working with automatic labelling equipment where this property is of particular importance.


A/LTS 環狀膠帶測試裝置
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