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A/OHM 電阻測定裝置

A/OHM 電阻測定裝置
A/OHM/1:0 - 2 ohms & 0 - 20 ohms
A/OHM/2:0 - 200 ohms & 0 - 2K ohms
精確測量材料的電阻,例如微動開關(Micros Witches)和導電襯墊(Conductive Gaskets)。當外力觸壓時,會從很大的電阻轉換到很小,包括用於電磁遮罩和干擾抑制的導電襯墊。並提供精確及快速測定電阻的變化,且當施力時,可同時紀錄施加的力量,同步進行完整的分析。

Resistance Conversion Unit A/OHM
The Resistance Conversion Unit, available in two versions to cover different ranges, enables the TA.XTplus Texture Analyser to use its multi-channel data acquisition capability to characterise electro-mechanical products and materials by measuring and analysing force, resistance and distance data.

A/OHM 電阻測定裝置
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