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A/PL、A/PS 剝離強度測試裝置-包裝材料

A/PL、A/PS 剝離強度測試裝置
該裝置用於對奶油,酸乳酪和類似產品容器的封蓋進行剝離強度測試。該裝置有適用大小兩種載物盤規格。可用於方便食品、化學和醫療產品等包裝開蓋力(Opening force)或撕開力(Tearing force)的評估。

Peel Strength Test Rig A/PL、A/PS
Peel Strength Test Rigs are designed to enable an angled pull test to measure the peel strength of the sealed tops of cream, yoghurt and similar product containers. Two sizes of rig are available.

A/PL、A/PS  剝離強度測試裝置-包裝材料
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