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A/RAED 音頻測試裝置-休閒食品

A/RAED 音訊同步裝置
針對樣品測試過程中同步測定聲音的變化,正常人可以聽見的音訊範圍大致在12 kHz.以下,透過高感度的音訊測定裝置,將聲音能量的變化轉化成為類比式的電壓輸出,經由TA.XT plus物性測試儀(物性分析儀、質構儀)的外介面,可配合物性測試儀(物性分析儀、質構儀)測定力量﹑距離﹑時間等參數,可同步將音訊的變化準確的記錄下來,進行更多參數的分析。

The Acoustic Envelope Detector provides a means of measuring the acoustic energy release during a physical test. Acoustic emission in the audible range up to 12kHz is measured and transformed into an analogue voltage that represents the amount of acoustic energy release from the product as a function of time.
This voltage is typically measured using one of the Auxiliary ports of the TA.XTplus/ TA.HDplus Texture Analyser, whilst the instrument simultaneously measures the mechanical response of the product in force, distance and time.

A/RAED 音頻測試裝置-休閒食品
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