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A/STE 管材擠壓裝置-醫療器械

測試軟管( 袋) 中內含物的裝置,產品夾在裝配的上端垂直於兩個滾輪中,通過滾輪向上拉樣品測試擠出(Extraction)所需的力。從產品擠出的難易度評估包裝材料的設計與結構的適用性。

This is a device which extrudes the contents of sachet and tube style packaging and was designed to allow manufacturers of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care products to quantify the ease of removal and
application of products such as ointments, creams and gels. Product developers can analyse changes in a product’s consistency throughout its shelf-life and adapt formulations accordingly whilst also enabling manufacturers to assess the suitability of packaging material and its

A/STE 管材擠壓裝置-醫療器械
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