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A/TG 拉伸裝置-休閒食品

A/TG 拉伸裝置
此拉伸裝置可用於測試包材及無菌包裝材料的韌性(Toughness) 及延展性(Extensibility)。亦可從包裝袋接縫處撕開,進一步評估其膠黏劑的密封程度。包裝材料除了堅固耐用,還要考慮撕開容易,不至猛力撕開而造成內含物噴濺出來的情況,因此亦可評估包材的友善性。

The gripping action of the A/TG tensile grips is provided by a screw initiated vice clamp operating on knurled jaw faces of 35mm x 35mm with a maximum opening of 25mm.
The A/MTG has jaw faces of 25mm x 10mm with a maximum opening of 8mm. Used for assessment of tensile characteristics of samples.

A/TG 拉伸裝置-休閒食品
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