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A/TRCS 三環剪切測試裝置-休閒食品

A/TRCS 三環剪切測試裝置
多環裝置與法國de Buye 共同開發設計,可依照樣品需求靈活變換一環至三環,在一定大小的裝置中提供大幅度的表面積進行剪切。適用於幾何形狀小、不規則樣品批量的質地測試。如玉米脆片、爆米花等膨發食品的硬度(Hardness)、酥性(Crispy)及脆性(Crunchy)等指標。

This Cutting System allows the determination of the textural properties of small non-uniform samples in smaller bulk quantities and thereby requiring lower forces. The design of the test head is based around an array of concentric cutting rings which provides a large cutting surface area in a relatively small device.

A/TRCS 三環剪切測試裝置-休閒食品
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