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A/UPS 剝離強度測試裝置-膠黏應用

A/UPS 剝離強度測試裝置
此通用裝置可依需求調整施力方向,測試容器分別以0°,45°和90°不同角度支撐。利用一個可調節的塑膠皮帶固定不同尺寸的容器或多樣形狀在物性分析儀底座,以夾具夾住封蓋邊緣往上施力測試剝離強度(Peel Strength)。快速而準確的測試結果可作為每批次包裝材料與膠封品質的品控。

Universal Peel Rig A/UPS
Significant improvements have been made to previous designs of peel rig for evaluating the quality and strength of container seals and adhesive bonds. The universal peel rig consists of a multi-position platform which is adjustable to allow the container to be held at0, 45 and 90 degrees.

A/UPS 剝離強度測試裝置-膠黏應用
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