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BT Intergra 爆破測試儀

BTIntegra是全新世代、電腦操控,相關設定模組化,不但具備BT1000所有功能,更可透 過icon任意設定及使用,使用全新電子式壓力及流量控制裝置,更快速、更準確(精度可達0.01psiburst, 0.001psigleakage),5.7”QVGA觸控式螢幕,使操作更簡單也更方便,適用樣品為彈性或堅硬、有孔洞或無孔洞、開放式或是封閉式包材和元件。本裝置符合STMF-2054,F1140,F-2095,ISO-11607,FDACFR21part11等國際標準方法。

The TME BT Integra-Pack© is a bench-top, high-resolution (0.001 psig) test instrument with a small footprint and user-friendly ease of operation. Electronic pressure and flow controls provide precise and repeatable test conditions, while automatic and high flow out put allow testing of large porous packages. Applications cover a range of flexible or rigid, porous and non-porous, open or sealed packages.

BT Intergra 爆破測試儀
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