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DR/DIS 麵團吹泡裝置-麵團

DR/DIS 麵團吹泡裝置
利用壓縮活塞通入空氣使麵皮膨脹。壓力峰值 (P)、破裂距離 (L)、烘焙力特性(W)、壓力峰值 / 破裂距離(P/L) 與應變硬化指標(StrainHardening Index)等,以瞭解在烘焙、延壓、整形時麵團的流變性。

The D/R Dough Inflation System measures dough extensional rheology under conditions of strain similar to those of baking expansion, and enables the rheological properties of both dough and gluten to be measured during biaxial stretching. The system combines ease of use with automatic data collection and rapid project based data analysis. The procedure requires minimum handling of the dough when preparing samples.

DR/DIS 麵團吹泡裝置-麵團
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