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HDP/3PB、HDP/M3PB 三點彎曲折斷裝置

HDP/3PB、HDP/M3PB 三點彎曲裝置
透過該裝置可執行壓縮試驗,以固定速度下壓至達到力量預設值或樣品破裂。可測試柱型或條型樣品的彎曲強度(Flexural Strength)、彎曲距離(Flexural Distance)等指標。

Three Point Bending Rig HDP/3PB、HDP/M3PB
Breaking strength/stress of rigid samples can be determined by performing a three-point bend test. Such a test may, for example, be used to assess the effect of different ingredients used, or to examine typical finished product problems such as moisture uptake.

HDP/3PB、HDP/M3PB 三點彎曲折斷裝置
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