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HDP/GCR 顆粒壓縮裝置-粉體顆粒

HDP/GCR 顆粒壓縮裝置
顆粒硬度是一些材料進行壓片測試的重要指標,該裝置包含一個直徑35mm的圓柱型探頭,可用於測定顆粒物的硬度(Hardness)、脆性(Frangibility)、內聚性 (Cohesiveness) 、黏彈性 (Viscoelastic)等參數。

Granule Compaction Rig (includes P/35 Probe) HDP/GCR
This rig provides a circular testing area into which the sample is contained before its compression with a cylinder probe of similar diameter. The higher the force and energy required to compress, the more difficult it will be to form the granules into tablets.

HDP/GCR 顆粒壓縮裝置-粉體顆粒
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