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HDP/GCR 顆粒壓縮裝置-藥品藥物

HDP/GCR 顆粒壓縮裝置
如果顆粒形狀不規則,使用單顆測量導致較差的重複性,透過此裝置進行顆粒批量測試得到平均硬度(Average Hardness) 及壓縮做功(Compression work),即可改善重現性。通常做功越大表示越難製成片劑及口含錠等產品。

This rig provides a circular testing area into which the sample is contained before its compression with a cylinder probe of similar diameter. The higher the force and energy required to compress, the more difficult it will be to form the granules into tablets.

HDP/GCR 顆粒壓縮裝置-藥品藥物
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