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HDP/KS5 Kremer剪切測試室-果蔬

HDP/KS5 Kremer 剪切測試室
適合穀物、果蔬、肉製品等不均勻組織測量整體壓縮(Compression)、剪切(Shearing)與擠壓(Extrusion) 等的混合作用,可測量堅實度(Firmness)、脆度(Fracturability) 等參數。

The cell is used for analysing multiparticle products such as cereals and pickles in sauce together with fruit and vegetables. This test applies a combination of compression, shearing and extrusion. The blade head may be used on its own for the testing of self-supporting samples.

HDP/KS5 Kremer剪切測試室-果蔬
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