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HDP/M3PB 微型三點彎曲折斷裝置

HDP/M3PB 微型三點彎曲測試裝置
該裝置適合測試小直徑樣品,其支架最小縫寬可達到2 mm 最大到70 mm。適用於測試片劑或條狀樣品的破裂力(Fracture Force)或脆性(Brittleness)等特性。

This rig is ideally suited to testing small diameter samples such as tablets. Sample supports can provide a minimum of a 2mm span. This small three point bend rig provides a variable support length up to 70mm and will accommodate a sample width of up to 80mm. The rig is located on the Heavy Duty Platform and principally measures the fracture characteristics (or brittleness) of a product.

HDP/M3PB 微型三點彎曲折斷裝置
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