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HDP/MKS 豆類測定裝置-果蔬

HDP/MKS 豆類測定裝置
根據AACCI-Method 56-36.01 標準方法,用於測定煮熟豆類的硬度(Hardness),煮熟樣品的硬度是指剪切所需要的最大力值(N/g)。

The Mini Kramer Shear Cell is particularly suited to reduce the force of bulk shearing/ compression of multi particle products or non-uniform products. It attaches to the HDP/90 Heavy Duty Platform. A 5-bladed head or compression platen can be attached to the arm of the texture analyser, depending upon whether a shearing or bulk compression/extrusion test is required.

HDP/MKS 豆類測定裝置-果蔬
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