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HDP/MPT 豌豆測試裝置-果蔬

HDP/MPT 批量的豌豆測試裝置
該裝置可同時批量測試18個樣品,適用於顆粒狀樣品(例如大豆和豌豆)等顆粒狀樣品,可獲得硬度(Hardness)、穿刺強度(Penetration Strength)等參數。

This rig measures the force to simultaneously penetrate up to 18 samples.The insert has 18 indentations surrounding a cone which allows the samples to easily locate into the test positions.Puncture strength and penetration force are measured and the penetration distance set so that the probes penetrate completely through the sample.

HDP/MPT 豌豆測試裝置-果蔬
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