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HDP/SR TTC塗抹裝置-乳製品

此裝置含有五個可替換的凹型圓錐體容器及一個有機玻璃錐型探頭; 適用於奶油、乳酪、巧克力等稠性樣品的塗抹性(Spreadability)、硬度(Hardness)、 黏著性(Adhesiveness)等參數的測試。

The TTC Spreadability Rig measures the ease with which a product, such as margarine and table spread, can be applied in a thin, even layer. It comprises of a male 90° cone probe and five precisely matched female perspex cone shaped product holders.
The product is forced to flow outward at 45° between the male and female cone surfaces during the test, the ease of which indicates the degree of spreadability. Withdrawal of the cone probe from the sample provides information about adhesive characteristics which may be present.

HDP/SR TTC塗抹裝置-乳製品
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