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HDP/TPB 延伸測定裝置-麵團

HDP/TPB 延伸測定裝置-麵製品
主要用來測定麵片等樣品的抗張強度(Toughness) 或經過延壓後麵片的延展性(Extensibility)、回復力(Resilience) 等特性。

This fixture has been developed to perform extension and elasticity measurements on laminated pastry and tortilla dough. It can also provide secure and rapid location for many types of thin or sheeted samples. The rig consists of two plates that can be bolted together with the sample sandwiched between. The plates have holes through their centres which expose a circular section of the sample allowing a 1" Spherical probe to be pushed through.

HDP/TPB 延伸測定裝置-麵團
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