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HDP/VB 鉗口裝置-果蔬

HDP/VB 檢測鉗口
該裝置可模擬人的牙齒咬斷食物。將樣品放在下鉗口內,再由上鉗口對食物進行先下壓後剪切動作; 適用測試各類食品韌性(Toughness)、硬度(Hardness),並可測試生熟樣品的纖維度(Fibrousness)。

This fixture performs an imitative test by simulating the action of an incisor tooth biting through food. It comprises of upper and lower jaws which are fitted to the loadcell and Heavy Duty Platform. A sample is positioned in the lower jaw and the biting action is provided by the compressive movement of the upper jaw shearing into the test sample.

HDP/VB 鉗口裝置-果蔬
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