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P/0.5S 球型探頭

P/0.5S 直徑0.5英寸球型探頭
透過小球型探頭對奶油、乳酪等製品進行壓縮測試, 可以測得表面堅實度(Firmness)、內部硬度(Hardness)、內聚性(Cohesiveness) 與黏性(Stickiness) 等質地參數。

Spherical (ball) probes with 0.25"–1.0" diameters (6.25–25.4mm) and one hemispherical probe are available. They may be used, for example, to measure the fracturability characteristic of crisps (which may be known as chips) and other snack products, and for indentation tests to measure the surface hardness of fruit, cheese and packaging materials. They are often preferred to penetrate samples with uneven surfaces.

P/0.5S 球型探頭
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