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P/18、P/18R 圓柱型探頭

P/18,P/18R 直徑18 mm 圓柱型探頭( 無修圓弧/ 周邊修圓弧)
貝果(Bagels) 及瑪芬等產品透過標準高度盒進行表面裁切後,搭配柱型探頭進行壓縮,可評估樣品的硬度(Hardness)、彈性(Springiness)等指標,符合AIB 標準測試方法。

Cylinder probes are usedfor puncture and penetration tests on gels,fruit, yoghurts and margarine to provide anindex of Hardness, Firmness or Yield Points. Apuncture test measures both compressiveand shear forces. Properties such as viscoelasticcreep, compliance and stressrelaxation can also be identified.

P/18、P/18R 圓柱型探頭
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