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P/1S 球型探頭-膠黏應用

P/1S 直徑1英吋球型探頭
依照 Avery 黏性測試方法使用直徑 1英寸球形探頭測試膠帶、包裝材料和膠黏劑等樣品的黏性特徵,可以評估樣品的初始黏力 (Tack)、黏著性(Adhesiveness)、黏聚力(Cohesiveness)等指標。

1" Østainless steel P/1S
This test is for adhesive tapes and uses a 1 inch stainless steel ball probe to ensure contact consistency for effective adhesive-ness measurement. Double-sided tape is recommended to mount the test sample such that the effect of face stock stiffness on test data is minimised.

P/1S 球型探頭-膠黏應用
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