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P/2 圓柱型探頭-寵物食品

P/2 直徑 2 mm 不銹鋼柱型探頭
小柱型適合進行單顆飼料、餅乾及肉乾的穿刺測試,可評估產品硬度(Hardness)、脆性(Brittleness) 等指標。

The puncture test can show the taste texture of the sample, including hardness and brittleness, which is suitable for testing dry pet food. Cylinder probes are used for puncture and penetration tests on gels, fruit, yoghurts and margarine to provide an index of Hardness, Firmness or Yield Points. A puncture test measures both compressive and shear forces.

P/2 圓柱型探頭-寵物食品
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