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P/2 圓柱型探頭-彩妝

P/2 圓柱型探頭
直徑2 mm - 6 mm 進行穿刺試驗得到樣品之內部質地特性,適用於測試口紅、眼影、粉餅、唇膏之固體樣品的硬度(Hardness)、緻密性(Compactness)、緊實度(Firmness)與黏性(Adhesivness) 等。

Lipstick hardness is an important determination. Besides determining lipstick hardness, this test may also indicate the presence of unwanted trapped air bubbles, or a “grainy” texture as a result of either incomplete colourant dispersion or the working and chilling processes during manufacture.

P/2 圓柱型探頭-彩妝
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