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P/36R 圓柱型探頭-穀物

P/36R 直徑36 mm 修圓邊圓柱型探頭
可用於測試米飯等質地,此測試可得到不同米飯硬度(Hardness)、彈性(Springiness)、黏聚性(Cohesiveness)等指標,可符合電鍋烹飪米飯品質評價方法 T/CHEAA 0002-2018。

Cylinder probes are used for puncture and penetration tests on gels, fruit, yoghurts and margarine to provide an index of Hardness, Firmness or Yield Points. A puncture test measures both compressive and shear forces. Properties such as viscoelastic creep, compliance and stress relaxation can also be identified.

P/36R 圓柱型探頭-穀物
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