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Worker Integra 新型高級測漏儀器

WorkerIntegra是台小型高精密度(0.0001psig leakage)、操作簡單便利的測洩漏儀器,能用於無孔洞、彈性或是堅硬的樣品上,其測試範圍涵蓋壓力下空氣洩漏或真空洩漏、流量及阻塞測試。可透過彩色觸控螢幕上的Icon任意設定及使用,可儲存超過100種方案設定,並可使用電腦、USB隨身碟取出測試結果。

The Worker Integra multi-channel tester is a bench-top, high-resolution (as low as 0.0001 psig) leak test instrument with a small footprint and user-friendly ease of operation. The system can be configured to perform pressure or vacuum decay leak testing, flow testing and occlusion testing on non-porous, flexible or rigid products.

Worker Integra 新型高級測漏儀器
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