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XT/PP 珀耳帖溫度控制加熱板

XT/PP 珀耳帖溫度控制加熱板
控溫平臺面積:100 mm × 90 mm。
溫度控制範圍:10 ℃ - 80 ℃

The temperature controlled Peltier Plate provides a stable surface temperature for testing small or thin products such as pressure sensitive adhesives or films. This ensures that temperature effects are either minimised or are able to be accurately investigated.
A Peltier Control Unit is provided on which temperature is set and displayed. The surface dimensions are 110mm x 100mm and maximum operating temperature is 80°C to a minimum of 30°C below ambient.

XT/PP 珀耳帖溫度控制加熱板
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